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  • The following testimonial has been provided by an NPA client- / +
    • I'm very sceptical when it comes to any form of investment. In the past I've lost money by following well paid advice from licensed financial ‘advisors' and ‘agents'. In hindsight, the advice was aimed only at maximising their commission or other kickbacks. I've also tried conducting my own research but I was overwhelmed by the volume of often conflicting data that was available. Eventually I came to the conclusion that despite the risks of legislation changes, super was the best investment strategy available and I'd just have to continue working until 60.

      I met Adam Zahra in his previous employment and was impressed by his dedication, thoroughness and integrity. When he left to work for NPA I knew how he operated so I listened to what he had to say and decided to purchase my first investment property.

      I have friends who've built and investment property. When they compared the effort to the return they said they wouldn't do it again. Despite popular belief, you can lose investing in real estate. One of the main advantages of dealing with Adam is, he does all the research and leg work. Part of that process includes identifying reliable professionals who will provide the service you pay for and make sure the whole project runs smoothly. Basically, all I had to do was complete documents as they were mailed to me.

      Regardless of what I say about Adam and the service he provides, the bottom line is results speak for themselves. When Adam said he'd found a good deal, I couldn't see it; but I was wrong. The house we purchased for $386,000 was valued at $436,000 on completion. We then purchased a second house that made a $40,000 capital gain over the acquisition process and we're now starting on my third house. Adam explained he needs these results so he can rely on us as repeat customers.

      Anyone who tells you ‘time is more important than timing' hasn't done their homework. Listening to this kind of advice resigned me to being a financial conscript to super and working to 60 with the support of NPA's national framework, Adam has always been able to find a property at the right time in the investment cycle. Through his efforts, I'm now looking at the very real possibility of an early retirement. I might still need my super fund, but now it's only for toys and travel.

      I've read testimonials before and always thought they were setup. I've received no incentive for providing this endorsement and would be happy to personally discuss my experiences dealing with Adam and NPA. Considering the work Adam has done for me, and the impact it has had on my financial security, I'm also happy for him to discuss our investment results. To further indicate my degree of satisfaction, I've recommended Adam to my family and will send my sons to see him once it's financially viable.

      Ian Wilson

  • The following testimonial has been provided by Greenvale Taxation Services- / +
    • We, at Greenvale Taxation Services, having run our own property investment seminars in the past, recently attended an NPA seminar. Below is an exert from my EOY Flyer to our clients.

      "If you are ever interested in investing in property or "negative gearing" as most of you know it as, I can thoroughly recommend attending an information session with NPA Victoria. I attended such a meeting this year to experience first hand the quality of the content and walked away extremely impressed with their professional informative educational evening. There was no pressure or hard sell techniques used by the othe firms and I found that every aspect of investing in property was covered in great detail. It would be an invaluable introduction session for aany "GTS" clients with investing in mind".

      Stephen Baker
      Greenvale Taxation Services.

  • The following testimonial has been provided by an NPA client- / +
    • As a young Army Officer straight out of military training and with no investment or property knowledge that I first came across the services of Craig Whaley.

      With an initial scepticism to all things investment, I took my first tentative steps. That was back in 2002. Now six years on, I have a portfolio of 5 properties and growing, and I have achieved a net worth of almost $700,000. The most important aspect to this is the fact that I have maintained my standard of living and lifestyle in the process.

      Craig's services have provided me not only the ability to invest in properties, carefully selected for their investment potential, but just as importantly educate me in the structures and strategies involved in building a Real estate portfolio.

      The service, the ideas, and the attention to detail has inspired me not only to keep moving forward but to aspire to an even brighter and more certain financial future for myself and my family.

      It is without hesitation that I would recommend Craig Whaley and his team at New Projects Australia to anyone who is interested in being educated into the world of real Estate Investments.

      M.A. PEARSON
      1st Aviation Regiment

  • The following testimonial has been provided by an NPA client- / +
    • "Thank you very much for all your help and expertise in entering the investment property market so much easier and we look forward to doing business with you again in the future".

      Mandy & Jakov Vucak

  • The following testimonial has been provided by an NPA client- / +
    • "NPA made what was complex very simple to understand. Although there were hiccups during some of the process NPA dealt with them in an efficient and professional manner. Everything from then on just fell into place. Thank you NPA for starting my new journey towards financial freedom"

      Nathan Coyle.

  • The following testimonial has been provided by an NPA client- / +
    • "After years of privately researching property investing and reading countless books on different methods and outcomes it was a huge relief to come across NPA by chance through a radio Ad. We went along not sure what to expect or be "sold" and we were pleasantly surprised - the outcome of that nights presentation has changed our life and we are more than confident of achieving our long term goals and financial independence. Thanks to NPA's excellent guidance and professional service."

      Edwina and Brad Graving.

  • The following testimonial is an article as published in the Townsville Bulletin- / +
    • The article reads as follows:

      At the recent Ray White annual awards in front of Ray White staff from all over Queensland, Craig Whaley from the Ray White Townsville City Office was awarded No. 1 in Queensland for Exclusive Sales.

      It was no mean feat for an agent in a region area with competition from the dynamic real estate centers of Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

      Craig a former member of the Royal Australian Navy is well known to many Defence members in Townsville after helping them start and build property portfolios.

      He attributes his "No.1 in Queensland" award to "listening to clients' needs and working with them to achieve their goals by educating and empowering them to be successful with property investment."

      He also has special praise for the dynamic team at the Ray White Townsville City office. Being surrounded by some of the best people in the industry helped him reach the top.

      Craig has been in the real estate industry for years and specialises in building investment portfolios for people wanting to create wealth from real estate investment.

      "One of the things I have learned over the years is that buying the right property in the right location is only 50 per cent of the equation" he said.

      The other 50 percent is having the right strategy and the ability to structure all the different components of the investment in the most logical way.

      "Educating people and making them knowledgeable in real estate investment give me great satisfaction, as my client not only become more successful with their investing but they enjoy it a great deal more as they understand what they are doing" he said.

      Craig has clients all over Australia and finds it rewarding to see people he has worked with since they bought their first property, built their portfolio to the point where it has dramatically changed their financial situation.

      Craig provides free educational property investment workshops each month in Townsville and recommends coming along and learning as much as possible as a first step.

  • The following testimonial has been provided by an NPA client- / +
    • I attended a Property Investment Seminar about 8 years ago where Craig Whaley was the presenter. He had a lot of questions fired at him after the presentation and I was so impressed with his knowledge that I made an appointment to meet with him, the rest is history. I now have a portfolio of five properties with a net worth of approximately $1 million.

      My husband and I are average wage earners yet with Craig's guidance we are now able to retire early.

      Craig is passionate about property investing and stops at nothing to gain more and more knowledge in order to help anyone interested in creating wealth with the courage to take the first step.

      Congratulations Craig on opening your own business. Without doubt it will be a reflection of all that you have strived for.

      Best Wishes

      Jenny Preston

  • The following testimonial has been provided by an NPA client- / +
    • We had always dreamed of one day buying our own investment property, but were very aware of the mistakes and pitfalls perople can make when starting off.

      Fortunately, we attended a free investment property informtion night where we were introduced to Mathew Creeper from New Projects Australia.

      Within weeks, we had purchased our first investment property! Mathew made the process a very simple and hassle free one by assessing our situation and showing us how to receive the maximum benefits of owning an investment property. We strongly believe, if we did not have Mathew's guidance, we would not have been able to make the correct choices on our own. He held our hand through the entire process, breaking down everything into easy to understand terms and was even able to arrange finance and property management assistance through their affiliated companies.

      To be completely honest - buying our investment property through Mathew was effortless! We have bought and sold properties before, but this first time experiance had truely been a no brainer! Mathew has a very pleasant persona and we never felt pressured by him as some salespeople can be. He was extremely helpful and very punctual in getting back to us with information or simply returning our calls.

      We have already recommended Mathew to many of our friends, colleagues and family and would very highly urge anyone thinking of getting into the property game to do the same.

      Thankyou again Mathew for your hardworking ethic and allowing us to start our property investment dream... We hope to be buying another from you very soon.

      Jade & Matthew Muller, Bushland Beach, Townsville.

  • The following testimonial has been provided by an NPA client- / +
    • 15 April 2009

      We have acted as Accountants for Steve & Jodie McLean since July 2003. During this time Steve & Jodie have always been enthusiastic about their business ventures and shown a keeness for the property market. They have always strived to better themselves and have continually kept improving themselves by regularly keeping up to date with changes in the market, economic condtions and tax changes.

      Strategic Accountants have worked in closely with Steve and Jodie to provide their mutual property investment clients with the best possible advice and outcome for tax purposes, including minimisation of capital gains tax and maximisation of investment property claims. Steve and Jodie are easy-going and talk to our clients on a level that is easily understood and the care they have taken for their clients is genuine.

      Yours faithfully

      Strategic Accountants
      Melinda Kidd

  • The following testimonial has been provided by an NPA client- / +
    • I had been looking into investing in real estate for a number of years but had failed to take the leap. Finally when I sold my current home and had some spare cash I attended an NPA investment seminar held by Craig Whaley and the Townsville team and was introduced to Matthew Creeper (Property Investment Consultant). From here I organised a one on one session with Matthew and from that point on I have never looked back. Whilst I only have one property in my current portfolio, I intend to continue to acquire more and I will most definitely continue on with Matthew and the NPA team.

      Matthew made investment easy and for someone who was a real estate layperson, he made the whole process easy to understand and removed any hassles, directly liaising with developers, builders and mortgage brokers to ensure the property was on track right through until completion. Matthew recommended the Toowoomba property market and his research has paid off, with the property already looking at a $45,000 equity gain after only 4 months since completion.

      There are two main reasons why Matthew Creeper excels at what he does:

      1/ Extensive market research and recommendations based on results and not just guessing market trends;

      2/  Tireless hard work to ensure investors get the best value for money, best returns and minimal effort during the acquisition and building process.

      Those two elements alone, despite the fact there are many others with Matthew and the team at NPA, make it a clear an concise decision every time.

      A big thankyou to Matthew Creeper and NPA.

      Tim McCullough