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Craig Whaley
The Embracing of Technology

As someone who was born in the 1960's, l like everyone else have had to embrace technology as fast as I possibly can. We are surrounded by new technologies each and every day and keeping up can be quite challenging, even daunting.

It was only in the 1960's, that the first television sets started making their way into lounge rooms around Australia and the world. Since then we have seen the moon landing, satellites, mobile phones, computers, internet, emails and facebook. The list goes on and on...

A lot of companies have had to adapt or perish and the future will be filled with things that haven't even been thought of yet.

It is with all this in mind that I introduce my subject for the month: Technology. Or more importantly, how NPA Property Group is adapting to technology?   How are we using or contemplating using technology to enhance our business, our customer service and most importantly our client benefit.

First of all we have bowed to public demand and released the first of our series of upcoming DVD's. The first of which is titled ‘How to Avoid the Two Largest Mistakes Made by Property Investors'.

Is it really public demand or am I just saying that to inflate the perception of the DVD? Let me answer that in the best way I can. Twenty years ago as a naïve, young and very inexperienced ‘Property Investment Consultant' I took my first steps into the world of property investment portfolio building without a single clue as to what I was really doing (I did have 2 properties under my belt, that I had bought in the late 1980's but that was my only real source of credibility).

From there I learnt the hard way, that as a 22 year old, I had to learn to handle rejection. Rejection was all too common an occurrence as I endeavoured to teach people things that I really didn't fully understand myself. Each passing day was a battle (one that I seriously considered quitting from on many an occasion). But as each passing day went by, little by little, I started learning more. Learning more about property, human nature, tax, loans, risk management, property cycles, cash flows, market indicators, patience, flexibility, forecasting, ripple effects, best use of equity and other equally valuable things on a daily basis. The most important lessons I learnt were from observing people's financial situations and what had lead them to where they were and how they viewed getting to where they wanted to go.    

It was fascinating, to the point that 20 years later (as boring to some as it may seem), I am in the same industry.  My passion hasn't wavered.

These 20 years may well have flown by but the lessons I have learnt have benefited me immensely: from my business perspective, my investment perspective, my market analysis perspective and even my overall intuitive perspective. It is with these lessons that our company has grown, and that like-minded people with the same shared passions as myself have helped NPA Property Group to where it is today, at the forefront of being one of the only truly national property investment companies in Australia.

A strange thing started to happen throughout this time that I really didn't fully appreciate until nearly 10 years into my career.   

The strange thing was that, irrespective of the Investor, their socio economic standing, their education, their income or status, mistake after mistake after mistake was being made on an ongoing basis.  I encountered these mistakes made by property investors constantly and the ‘light bulb' truly went off inside my head when I rationalised that most of these mistakes had a common theme. A common theme that allowed me to logically conclude that most of the mistakes made by property investors could be categorised into two core groups.  Two core groups of mistakes, that if fully understood could transform failure to success. That could transform negativity and pessimism to positivity and optimism. If success was borne from not making the mistakes that made other people fail, then property investors needed to know this information.

From there my knowledge grew and as a way of teaching people I started doing seminars so I could teach more people. These seminar workshops were a great way of giving valuable insights and of course were a great way to prove credibility in order to grow a successful business.

So back to my question. Has the DVD on ‘How to Avoid the Two Largest Mistakes Made by Property Investors' been produced by popular demand? The answer is an emphatic ‘yes'. Over the years that I have been conducting these seminars, hundreds of people have asked for a DVD so they could reinforce and revisit these concepts. The interesting thing is, the seminar and the basis of the DVD has really evolved over the last 12 months due to myself being invited to be a key note speaker at the 2010 Melbourne Exhibition Centre Property Investment Expo.  I was tasked with going on stage after Mark Bouris of all people (founder of Wizard Home Loans, T.V. icon on ‘The Apprentice' and founder of ‘Yellow Brick Road'). I was also tasked with, amazing as it may seem speaking on the subject of "the two largest mistakes made by Melbourne property investors". Unbelievable really, as of course the two largest mistakes made by Melbourne property investors are the two largest mistakes made by all investors, irrespective of whether they live, in Melbourne, Darwin, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane or Townsville.

Of the 500 people that saw the presentation, approximately 100 asked if there was a copy of a presentation they could have or that we should at least be thinking about producing one. This led to the release of the DVD.

This DVD is just the start of where we intend heading as a company by embracing technology and we look forward to sharing with you a whole host of technological advancements to our business as we head into 2012.

Is your current Property Investment Strategy working?   If it's not or there is doubt, or you feel you are not being fully effective with your property investing then I encourage you to view this DVD to gain some valuable insights.

For those wishing to order the DVD, this can be done through our website at and for a sneak preview you can also see 13 minutes of this on youtube at

We sincerely hope you find this information valuable and look forward to your feedback and property success as a result.