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Financial Planners and Accountants

Why do financial planners & Accountants recommend us?

The answer is simple - We understand the needs of your client. We have created a niche in the property market, focusing purely on selling investment property to investors through accountants and financial planners.

This gives your client distinct advantages:

  • We are credible - as our properties are recommended on their financial merit by unbiased third parties.
  • We are sought after - as we have a reputation for marketing on the financial performance, not hype and exaggeration.
  • We are trusted - We do our homework on the properties we sell. Our properties must have a competitive advantage in terms of location, security, quality, demand, functionality and return. We stand on the quality of Investments we put to the marketplace.
  • We have wide geographical appeal- as the properties we market are judged mainly on financial performance, the location of the property relative to the purchasers is irrelevant. Through our offices in Townsville, Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Adelaide, and Melbourne, we present our properties to potential investors Australia wide.
  • We have "Buying Power" with developers, as we market over $200 million of property each year to our network of financial planners and acountants, who on average each have over 100 clients.

If you are looking at adding investment property to your clients' portfolio, your first step is to call us on 1300 429 040.