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With Rockhampton facing more major economic turmoil with the current floods and other regional economies now in stagnation, it poses the question:

Should banks tier their interest rates by geographical location?

With rampant property markets in Sydney, Melbourne and potentially South East Queensland, higher tiered interest rates would stem the flow, whilst lower tiered interest rates in the stagnant or regional markets would help drive population growth, business confidence and give struggling families more money in their family budgets.

Whilst also creating a massive incentive for Sydney, Melbourne and capital city investors to purchase property elsewhere and further drive these markets.

The current inequitable state of Australian property markets would seem to justify such a move by banks and lenders.

Of course there would be collateral damage, I.e., first home buyers in Sydney, Melbourne Etc, and battling families in major cities. So a full economic analysis would have to be undertaken and of course would be, but in principle it is something that should be closely looked at.

- Craig Whaley, CEO

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